Don’t be afraid of color

Cupcake Kelly

Celebrities & Cupcakes.

Two things that I’m extremely passionate about. So if I could open my own bakery, I would love to create celebrity themed cupcakes. I would call it “Red Carpet Cupcakes”. My dream would be, if it got to be very popular, that it could span from city to city, and there would be a new celebrity added to the menu a couple of times a year. Each time that a particular celebrity was added to the menu, that celebrity would come to the store at the nearest possible location, take pictures with the cupcake and sign autographs. It would be similar to the unveiling that they have at the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Mueseum, where the celebrity comes and poses with their new wax figure.

Anyway, I’ve taken some of the flavors from the menu of Georgetown Cupcakes and paired them with their celebrity match, to give you…

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