Education And Learning Curation: Discover Thousands Video Lessons From Best Teachers With Knowmia

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Giuseppe Mauriello: Knowmia is new San Francisco-based startup that offers a video lesson platform for teachers and students.

Knowmia are building the largest marketplace for short-form video educational content and the tools for teachers to create and publish outstanding content.



From “About Us” on official website:

“Knowmia is a destination for learning that features short video lessons from great teachers everywhere. We help you to find what you need to succeed in school in a personal, affordable, and time-efficient way. By bringing together a wide range of video lessons and making it easy to find what you need, we help you with challenging topics, prepare you for an upcoming test or new course, and find the right teacher for your style of learning…”


From review article on GigaOM:

“At launch, the site includes about 7,000 videos in a broad range of subject areas, from geometry and algebra to chemistry and physics to world history and American literature. The videos, which are about one to ten minutes long, have been mostly culled from YouTube and Vimeo and then reviewed by teachers working with Knowmia to provide editorial notes, create relevant quizzes and tag content according to subject, topic and skill.


Going forward, Knowmia will encourage teachers, as well as public and nonprofit groups, to add more videos. As the site grows, the plan is that the initial videos and tags will provide the foundation for additional notes and teacher-provided tags, which help teachers and students discover content.


The idea is that if students (mostly high school, for now) need extra help in a certain subject, say algebra, they can just go to the site, search for “quadratic equation” and instantly choose from a handful of short videos on the topic.


Knowmia’s focus on providing curation and structure, as well as sophisticated tools for teachers, will help distinguish it from other online platforms….”


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