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My Favorite Song about “Mothers” — since I was a child; it always filled me with so much love and, of course, made me cry. “MAMMA” 🙂

Mamma, I’m so happy
Because I return to you
My song tells you
That this is a beautiful day for me
Mamma, I’m so happy
why should we live so far apart?

Mamma, just for you
My song is flying
Mamma, you will be with me
You’ll no longer be alone

Oh, how much I love you
These words of love My heart whispers to you
Perhaps will no more be heard

But, Mamma,
my most beautiful song is you… is you, Mamma
You are my life
and for the rest of my life
I’ll not leave you ever again

I feel your tired hand
searching for my golden curls
And I hear your voice is lacking
The lullaby of back then
Today your head is white
I want to hold you tightly to my heart


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Of his new show Dice says, “I never felt there was one podcast that captured everything for me. Rather than wait around for someone else to do it, I said ‘F**k It! Let me do it.’ So I teamed up with one of the funniest guys I know and think we’re going to have a podcast like no one else has.”
If anyone can stand out in the growing landscape of comedy podcasts, it’ll be Dice.

(via Andrew Dice Clay Joins Growing Ranks of Comedian Podcasters With New Weekly Show | Celebrity News |

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