Prayers are needed for our mutual friend, Filippa aka @SynergyByDesign.

She will not be posting with the same regularity as she’s been known for, so that she can put focus onto her own health and healing.

After a series of testing in the search for answers regarding Filippa’s health, what has returned indicates a very, very strong probability of cancer with the only question honestly being, what kind, and how soon can treatment be started.

We are dealing with this as a family (Filippa and I have been more than best friends, more like sisters, since we were both 12 years old) as best we can and she hasn’t had the energy to focus on blogging or checking in as we process this new information and gear up for a new battle.

Fashion and this blog is a heartfelt passion for her, and even as she told me she doesn’t have the energy to focus right now she said, “and it’s fashion week!”. Beauty and fashion have been in Filippa’s life for as long as I’ve known her, so I know that as soon as she feels well enough, she will return to it but for now – she has to focus all of her energy inward and on her healing, and her immediate family.

Please, above all else, keep Filippa actively in your prayers – we both believe strongly in the positive power of prayers and the more souls praying, the stronger the energy! I know that she is an incredibly strong person who’s been through far too much in her young life, and this is another battle she’s promised me that she will NOT give up on.

Hopefully we’ll have more information very soon, but prayers, understanding, love and support are the best possible things you can do for her right now.

— Sincerely, Sherry B. aka “StarMaiden”