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Today, my mom turns 70 years old. ❤

Happy Birthday to the World’s BEST Mom! The MOST loving, caring, giving, selfless, protective, hard-working, strong, and BEAUTIFUL person (inside and out) that I have EVER known. ❤

You have the biggest heart, the kindest soul, unselfish and true, always putting our family first. You are a true blessing to this world. ❤

You ARE my BEST friend, and my hero… I love you more than I could EVER possibly express in mere words; You are my everything. ❤

I thank you for your love, for raising me with morals and a respect for our family, myself and others. ❤

I thank you for ALL the sacrifices you had to make all our lives – there were and are so many – and I pray you know happiness, abundance, gratitude and peace of mind the rest of your days. ❤

Happy Birthday, Mom… May 2014 be a better, happier year. ❤

I love you always! ❤

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