Caitlyn Jenner is stunning in red…


Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) is stunning in red… and the car is beyond!

So proud and happy for her. I honestly wept through out the specials about his transitioning. Some of us live unhappily, knowing we’re in the right body/skin.

So, bravo, Caitlyn for grasping for happiness; life is so short to live it NOT living.

I know she’ll get a lot of hate, all the #Kardashian/#Jenner girls do.

But, Caitlyn, most especially, because of who she was before and who she is now.

Some people will say it’s an abomination to GOD, but our GOD knew this about #Bruce and he knew about Caitlyn. Don’t justify your hate and bias with GOD’s word, JESUS never preached hatred and judgement.

I think GOD is more interested in Love… In our Loving One Another rather than judging one another.

I think GOD is more interested in our loving ourselves and sharing that happiness with others, rather than dying with regrets. I wish you happiness and peace, Caitlyn Jenner.

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*Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn Jenner