Jim Irsay Plucks Prince’s Guitar at Auction for a Song ‚Äď $137,500

Prince’s Guitar Sells at Auction for a Song ‚Äď $137,500


Yellow Cloud Guitar, Prince; 1990s

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C.J.: Should Prince’s friends have watched him more closely after Moline? | Star Tribune


Prince 1958-2016

In an especially haunting revelation, Hill told the NYT that “Prince told her¬†‘I had to fight for my life. I remember hearing your voices from afar and saying to myself, Follow the voices, follow the voices, get back in your body, you gotta¬†do this.’ And he said it was the hardest thing he‚Äôd ever done, to get back into his body like that.”


April 14, 2016 - Prince, Piano and a Microphone

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I received two Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks in #9 Rose Stiletto and #19 Fuschia for testing and review from Influenster.


The colors are so very beautiful; not glaring or gawdy, and neither seemed too harsh, sallow or too blue or orange, for any skin tone or complexion. They are extremely flattering colors, universally.

The base color on the lipsticks make them appear almost neutral based, hard to do with any color, let alone two drastically different pinks.

Rose Stiletto being a more medium dusty rose-brown; while Fuchsia is a bright pink – not shocking or neon; this isn’t your 80’s Fuschia – with a natural feel, like you would see in a garden. A succulent bright bold pink.


The texture is very creamy, smooth, silky, sensuous; very moisturizing. Almost too moisturizing.

And, there, lies my only problem with these lipsticks.

Being so moisture-rich, the lipstick doesn’t stay in place, but rather tends to smear beyond the lipline the minute your lips touch one another.

I am used to and prefer wearing matte lipsticks that stay put; I am not fond of lipsticks that travel or leave a trail anywhere: let alone everywhere.

Especially everywhere around my mouth, which is something I had never experienced with my prior YSL purchases or expected to experience with these beauties, but perhaps that is because my prior YSL lippies were matte finish. I am not quite sure.


I tried several different applications and techniques: with lip liner, colored and clear; lip balm, wax and long lasting formulas, lip primer and without, concealer, foundation, using a lip brush or applying directly from the bullet, blotting, the tissue and powder trick, but none of it helped keep the lipstick from smearing outside my lipline within seconds.

Honestly, the lipstick is so moist from the whatever oil is infused in it for anti-aging properties that it felt very oily and too soft, smearing and disappearing fairly quickly. So I canot say I found the lipsticks to be long lasting, as others did.

Although, the Fuchsia did fare a bit better than the Rose Stiletto, but not enough to call it long lasting.

Therein, I did not find the formula drying in the least, as some reviewers did. In fact, were the lipstick clear it would have made an excellent lip conditioner.


The colors, however, are magnificent: beautifully soft and awesomely bold. I loved all the other colors I saw on Sephora’s website as well; they really are an excellent mix of both feminine and edgy.


And the scent of roses from the lipstick is so heavenly; I loved it.

It was like a whiff of a decadent Parisienne perfumery or a floral shop filled with the most delicate blossoms; luxurious, lush,¬† exquisite… roses.


Perhaps it was just me that had the problem with the lipstick running, as I believe everything about this collection is luscious and full-bodied.

I had swatched the lipsticks on my hand when I received the #YSLVoxBox as I do when reviewing any lipstick. The swatches (pictured above) wore beautifully; lasting quite a while with a great deal of color intensity, along with being creamy, and satiny smooth.

Unfortunately, everytime I tried to apply the shades to my actual lips, the lipstick melted away like butter, smearing everywhere outside my lipline.


Still, given all that, it is pretty fair to say these lipsticks are¬†beyond¬†luxe; they are¬†amazing. The scent, the colors, the absolutely stunning gold packaging; everything about YSL Beauty screams this is a high-end, luxury experience you won’t soon forget!

I do have to disagree with some of the other reviews: these lipsticks are very emollient-rich and far from being drying to the lips, as some stated… your lips will be happily and amply moisturized. Unfortunate for me, but wonderful for so many lipstick lovers.


And this really is a lipstick to love! YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick is a far beyond high quality collection of luscious, mouthwatering, glamorous lip colors, ranging from bold and edgy to soft and feminine, so 4 stars from me. At least, for now.

But, I am not giving up on YSL Rouge Pur Couture #9 and #19!

I will keep working with these lipsticks until I get them to stay in their place and can revise this rating to a deserved 5 stars.

Why? Because I love YSL Beauty.


Although, I will admit that the¬†YSL Rouge Pur Couture ‘The Mats’ Collection¬†would have been a much, much better product fit for¬†me.


YSL¬†can dress my lips in their sensual lip colors anytime they wish.¬†ūüíč

Angels, Love and Light,



Not one to give up, I figured out how to make the lipstick stay in place.

The¬†problem¬†was treating this lipstick like any other lipstick. And, believe me, it is not just ‘another’ lipstick.

This is Luxury! Beautiful, Bold, Feminine… Seductive, Edgy, Uncompromising, Dangerous¬†Luxury!

It Wears You; It Clothes You. It Is Couture.


Thus, applying the primer, foundation, concealer, lip balm, powder, etc., made the lipstick move around like crazy, causing all the smearing! These techniques are needless, because of the quality of the ingredients in the product.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture is moisture-rich, eliminating the need for primer. It is, also, deliciously creamy and thick, eliminating the need for foundation, concealer or powder for it “to cling to” as other lip products recommend you do before application.


When I went simple, just using lip liner and applying the lipstick in sections of thin layers of color; and¬†THEN,¬†waiting about 2-3 minutes before applying a second and third layer for depth… it made all the difference in the world.

The first coat, I started by applying the lipstick to left half of my top lip, then right half of top lip and moving on to refine the cupid’s bow; then I applied the lipstick to my lower lip in brief strokes. After waiting for the color to set about 2-3 minutes, I followed with a second and third coat of color, as you would normally, starting with my bottom lip. I waited again, a brief time, before bringing my lips together to blend!

Although, lipliner probably could have been skipped altogether, I really like a defined lip and prefer to use liner. I used ColourPop Cosmetics’ lippie pencil lip liners. They have a matte finish with a long-lasting formula I love.


So, it is¬†‚ėÜ5 Stars‚ėܬ†from me! YSL Rouge Pur Couture is definitely a lipstick addict’s dream come true!

If I could choose another YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick to try in the future? I would love to try one from YSL Rouge Pur Couture РThe Mats Collection; a gorgeous deep matte red Рany color between #202 Rose Crazy through #206 Grenat Satisfaction.

My favorite of those? All of them, lol!


Ok, Ok… If I¬†must¬†choose just¬†one,¬†then it would be #203 Rouge Rock. ūüíč

Angels, Love and Light,

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Lamar Odom Reportedly Out of a Coma, Spoke to Khlo√©


Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian

He woke up, saw¬†Khlo√© Kardashian by his bedside, said,¬†“Hey, baby,” gave her a thumbs up, and then went back to sleep.

Angels, Love and Light,

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Summer 2015 Contest | Influenster

Influenster’s “Beat the heat Sumner Sweeps”


Join with the link below to win cool tech gadgets and more!

Happy Birthday, Marilyn.


The beautiful legendary Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Legendary Marilyn Monroe!

Her fragility, beauty, effortless sensuality and ingrained strength made her bigger than life and an icon… although she didn’t realize it at the time, she was loved by many… and that love endures, M.M.

#RIP,  you great big beautiful doll!

#marilynmonroe #pinup #star #actress #legend #icon #curvy #curvequeen #realwoman #allwoman #birthday #mm #beauty


Andrew Dice Clay presents “The Blue Show” premieres tonight, April 24, 2015 on Showtime at 11:30pm EST.


Get ready for a lineup of hilarious comedians and, of course, the legend himself, Andrew Dice Clay.


The Blue Show started at 11:00pm EST, but I was misled by one of the comic’s post, promoting JUST himself. WTH! YOU promote the WHOLE show. I’m so sorry, it’s “Andrew Dice Clay presents The Blue Show.” Grrr… I’m so pissed. 😠

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have daughter baptized in Jerusalem

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have daughter baptized in Jerusalem!

U.S. reality TV star Kim Kardashian holds her toddler daughter North West as she walks beside her husband, rapper Kanye West, on the grounds of the Cathedral of Saint James in Jerusalem’s Old City, where they had their daughter baptized on April 13th, 2015.

Sure. Why not? ūüėí America just wasn’t Kim-Ye enough, right?



I hope you’re happy Prince with your mysterious ways, and Dr. Funkenshit’s purposeful misleading information, BS’ing us into thinking your Detroit show was coming to The Fillmore, formerly THE STATE THEATRE, where I swore I would NEVER step a foot into again after the way I was treated at your Oct ’97 “hit and run” show.
I had bruises all over my body, was harassed by people in line, who had visible weapons and then 4 cops, who thought pushing me around was apparently “appropriate” as they dumped everything I owned on THE CEMENT, pounding me repeatedly in my chest and surrounding me, like I was a criminal. Then going inside to SRO was worse… punches, grabbing, groping, mauling, grown a$$ men acting like animals, blocking the view, pounding on us like we were DUDES!
There was no LOVE4OneAnother that night. And I swore I’d NEVER walk in that damn place again not even for PRINCE.
STILL, with the announcement of The Fillmore by Dr. FunkedUp! I thought long and hard, I cried… and cried “how can I NOT go SEE Prince?” But, remembering that terrible night in 1997, I decided “No, I can’t do the Fillmore!” I can’t.
WHAT???? Only to find out – TODAY – SIX HOURS after Tickets went ON SALE…. THAT YOU – my musical love, the maestro of the Soundtrack of my LIFE, were playing at The FOX!!! THE FOX!
The freaking calm FOX Theatre, where I wouldn’t worry about being mauled or having a seizure! Where we had assigned seating and security. WTH?
I AM TOTALLY SICKENED! Completely heartsick by how this was handled, by how we were misled by the overinflated ego and utter misinformation put forth by a fan turned self-appointed official “behind-the scene”, know-it-all, Prince/celebrity blogger.
Thank you, Dr. Jerkoff Funkenberry! You do officially SUCK, as there are certain ethics you should try to uphold when blogging, and “being” you are in the “know” – you do not mislead, reporting erroneously, just to get the jump on others, when really you know nothing more than any other fan: That should be #1 on that list of ethical practices.
Of course, let’s not forget Prince, who could have leaked The Fillmore was not the joint he was going to be appearing at on Thursday, but apparently he didn’t feel the need or didn’t think ahead to what fans would decide based on BS info, knowing our own city and how much worse it’s gotten in 18 years.
NOW, here I am, a fan of 37 years! 37 years! And, I can’t stop crying. 37 YEARS! I haven’t seen Prince in 11. Musicology Tour. Thank GOD for the NPGMC.
I needed this concert, so badly. SO very badly. SO, THANK YOU, PRINCE… with your stupid hide and seek games.
YOUR fans, Prince, are human beings – no greater and certainly no LESS than you in hierarchy – in GOD’s eyes.
And, no matter what you’ve been told all these years, we are EQUALS. Fans deserve more than this BS – I DESERVE more than this.
We, your fans, are not nameless, faceless, voiceless droids, suddenly appearing before you; We have lives, stories, feelings… we deserve more than 4 days notice and misinformation. Thanks for nothing.
Angels, Love and Light,

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PS. UPDATE To the ignorant commentors:
I was talking about a past event at the state theater, which is now The Fillmore.
WHY? BECAUSE Dr Funkenberry announced on his BLOG, the date and stated “Fillmore are you ready?” Thus eluding to the show being at The Fillmore.
I thought back to 1997 and everything that happened the night of that show¬†and couldn’t bring myself to go there again. NOT after the wonderful experience that was the Musicology Tour. ¬†No way.
It is personal, period. I am not whining, I am disgusted and pissed off. There was no security that night; there was just Billy walking around flirting with ladies. Period.
Prince has his ear to the ground, always! HE knew last Friday night everyone was grumbling about The Fillmore.
He had promised his NPG Music Club Members back in 1997, he’d never perform there again. And that says what? That says, ¬†The Dr lied or purposefully was misleading.
It’s not bad enough, we get 4 days to get things together. 7 days, to find help, a ride, babysitters, etc., if you need them. But, then we get to play, guess where in your town Prince is going to be?!
I purposely slept through ticket sales, because I was heartbroken that I wasn’t going to be going, not to that place… and then, the local news at 4pm announces:

“We finally know where Prince will be performing – The FOX Theatre”.

Umm,  WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me? I just started crying right there, because I know how Prince sells. *poof*
Tickets sold out in 5 minutes: ranging in price from $99-$1000!
And at 4pm – six hours after Tickets SOLD OUT – they’re announcing a different venue than Dr. Funkentwit had?!!!
Do you understand the anger? Or are you mindless sheep?
I’ve done the queing up, lining up all night, sleeping on cement, sleeping outside record stores, arenas, down secluded downtown streets in my car, I’ve done in the snow, in the pouring rain, in hot as hell weather. I’ve sat at my pc, while in line at a venue, with a friend next to me on the phone with ticketmaster.
I’ve stood waiting to get in to a show with 5 inch heels, no jacket, no coats, in below zero temps, or 100¬į+ in full purple regalia. I’ve done storming and blizzard-like weather. I’ve traveled across my state, gone to other states.
I AM A Prince Fam, but I am also a consumer.
All of us that read that stupid blog, after the formal announcement on WDIV, didn’t get tickets… BECAUSE OF THE STATED LOCATION on that Blog, feel me?
One tweet from 3rdEyeGirl, stating “not Fillmore”, would have saved a lot of BS from hitting the fam’s in the face yesterday morning.
PRINCE is always in control. HE could have stemmed the tide: He chose not to, that’s not management – that’s Prince.

#29. 08-24-13. Dice calls Wheels late night before The Gallagher Episode Airs. CLASSIC!

NEW CLASSIC! Dice calls Wheels in the nick of time before Gallagher episode airs!

#29. 08-24-13. Dice calls Wheels late night before Gallagher Episode Airs. CLASSIC! by Rollin With Dice & Wheels on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

This phone call says it all. Dice and Wheels go nuts over the phone leading up to the Gallagher episode! Classic Dice and Wheels podcast.

Follow them on Twitter: @WheelsLive @TheRealDiceClay

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via #29. 08-24-13. Dice calls Wheels late night before Gallagher Episode Airs. CLASSIC! by Rollin With Dice & Wheels on SoundCloud РHear the world’s sounds.