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I’ve been #testing #gloss #plumpers for my #blog over a month now and this looks promising.

I’ve been eyeing it on #Amazon, but wasn’t sure until I saw a video on their IG @fullipsenhancer. So, I’m thinking, this might be one to test as well.

In my testing so far… I’ve found some good, some bad, some utterly putrid, and some pretty awesome.

So, we’ll see how this goes… SOON.

XoX ❤ ~ŠYŇ 😙


By @fullipsenhancer “Here are some fabulous results from @susiewebb92 using the Small Oval which I have to admit is my personal favorite as well! Repost: "Before 💋 During 💋 After 💋 Seriously loving this instant lip plumper from @fullipsenhancer !!” 😍😍😍 Results vary, but you can expect the results to last anywhere from 1-3 hours. We encourage users to start out slow. Think of it as a longer lasting lip plumping gloss that will never run out on you. When you go to touch up your lipstick after a few hours you can re-use your fullips as well! 😊💋😘 xoxo Linda

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