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Loves, this is the video I was speaking of in my earlier post. It is amazing.

I hope by re-posting, it will answer some questions my lovely friends and followers have asked. Believe me, I’m intrigued too, lol!


Thank you to #Linda at @fullipsenhancer, @hudabeauty and @vegas_nay for sharing this video of gorgeous #BeautyBlogger @ccclarkebeauty using the “Large Round Fullips”.

Below are some answers to questions potential users may have:

○ We are currently available for purchase on our website www.fullips.com, eBay, and amazon.
○ INTERNATIONAL: If you would like to order and live outside of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, or Norway we offer international shipping on eBay: stores.ebay.com/fullipslipenhancers.

○ Results vary; but you can expect the results to last anywhere from 1-3 hours. ○ We encourage users to start out slow. Think of it as a longer lasting lip plumping gloss that will never run out on you.
○ When you go to touch up your lipstick after a few hours you can re-use your fullips as well!

Some sizing basics:

💋Large Round for overall lip fullness and those already fuller lips.
💋Medium Oval for small to medium mouths or thin lips.
💋Small Oval to target certain areas and the center of the mouth, also great to use vertically!

○○○ If you would like advice on sizing, you may send us a photo of your lips to: info@fullips.com and we will be more than happy to help you choose the best size for you. ○○○

○ As long as the device is used properly, it will never bruise or leave any mark and should not hurt.
○ We encourage everyone to start out with soft, gentle suction.
○ You should only allow your lips to go into the device, none of the skin around your lips should ever go in.
○ Our product has been designed with large rounded edges which help eliminate any risk of bruising or leaving a mark.“

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