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Awesome Giveaway from twofourninety … and you know this girl cannot pass up on a chance to win makeup.

Having been sick so long, most of my stuff is too old to wear, but, in that process, I’ve come to realize that the routines we take for granted are really essential to being “YOU” and happy.

First it starts with no lipstick, no makeup, then no getting dressed (What’s the point, right?), then you stop doing your hair and your identity is gone or worse, you become “the sick girl” when everyone knew you as “the glamour girl” who definitely never left the house without lipstick.

But, hey, I’m making a lot of changes, getting stronger in the long run and I’m slowly getting there, loves. Getting to finding myself again… and hoping this new reincarnation will be better than ever… and that the best is yet to come. 👄 XoX