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McQ by Alexander McQueen python handbag / Irene Neuwirth aquamarine jewelry / London Road white gold necklace, $435 / Ice jewelry / MOTHER s jewelry / Original Watercolor & Ink Painting

Ice Blue Siren

Ice Blue Siren

This months Little Black Bag – #Cargo Beach Blush, #MMS Fuchsia Clutch, Carol #Duplaise Stick and Bead #Necklace and #Redken Glistening Mist Shine Flash – love all! #haircare #cosmetics #jewelry #handbags #clutch #style #fashion #beauty #lbbag (Taken with Instagram)


Have you heard of DES?

One of the first worldwide drug scandal affecting millions of people in countries where the anti miscarriage drug DES (Diethylstilbestrol) was widely prescribed to pregnant women decades ago. You may have been exposed to DES without knowing it! The time bomb effects and associated health issues affecting three generations are still being ignored.

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Find out more and help spread DES awareness via:

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Show off your makeup skills –


tropical rainbow look

Looking for a place to show off your makeup skills without starting and maintaining a blog? Well, is the place for you.

Makeupbee gives the cosmetic artist a venue to show their stuff without stress and its as simple as requesting an invite. Makeupbee obliges quickly and has room to grow.

Once you are a member, you’ll find weekly contests, product listings and ratings and how easy it is to submit a look and get a reaction. Makeupbee is wall to wall products, video tutorials and glam.

The best thing: they LOVE their makeup and a lot of prominent makeup artists also utilize this site to test their own looks, so get out your red lipstick and try