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Week of January 21-29, 2015:

CANCER (June 21-July 20): You’ve got too much going on to pin it down to one thing. The changes that you face go back to stuff that is older than time. Finding a way to reinvent yourself when there doesn’t seem to be anything left of you is going to require a lot of faith and a little magic. Don’t be held back by whatever it is that makes it so hard for you to get to the bottom of your stuff. It’ll be like pulling teeth but once you get down to the bottom line, there’s nothing left but the truth. At the moment, returning to a place where you can live according to your own rules is where you need to go.

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I’ve seen this Tattoo #Flash many places online and for good reason; She’s a beautiful ‘blueprint’ of the quintessential traditional #gypsy (#tattoo) #queen. I love her. She’d be amazing on the #thigh or the #upper #ribcage. Someday. Soon.

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