Archive | Monday, February 2, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Still Unresponsive, Breathing With Help of Ventilator

/// Some “news” outlets are reporting Bobbi Kristina has passed away. Don’t believe that jazz until you hear it from a reputable source. What we all need to pray for this little girl to live and get the emotional help she needs for having lost her mother way too young.

#PrayersforBobbiKristina #PrayforBK #WhitneyHouston #BobbyBrown

//// GOD can do anything. GOD can heal any situation, no matter how bleak.

//// I’ll say it again. If this child killed herself, missing her mother; The same “people” that failed Whitney Houston… failed Bobbi Kristina. 😔

//// You lose your mom – your heart – that young, you need help coping and processing the grief. You need that at any age. So sad. 😔